About the artist

Nadia Adina Rose, an artist, poet, illustrator and art lecturer. Was born in Moscow and came to Israel at the age of 22. She is a graduate of the Art College in Moscow, of the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, and obtained an MA degree from the "HaMidrasha Le'Omanut". She has participated in personal and group art exhibitions. Her first book of poetry 'Snow Ink' was published by Helicon-Afik Publications, followed by a Poetry Award reception, granted by the Israeli Ministry of Culture, 2016.


Nowadays, people's consciousness is largely determined by the dramatic growth of technology. We are on the threshold of a post-screen revolution, which will erase the boundary between the virtual and the real. The so-called "augmented reality" – which, for now, we can interact with only on the screens of our smartphones and gadgets – will become as tangible and three-dimensional as the world that surrounds us. Unfortunately, human consciousness is still rather inert, lagging behind the changes introduced by the world of high tech.


How are we to effect a "soft" transition into the world of augmented reality? I try to do it with "low-tech" means – fabrics, wires, threads. I sew and arrange objects that expand our traditional living space, turning it into a large-scale, panoramic vision where, by playing with things, I push them outside the boundaries of conventional everyday experience. This alters the traditional relationship between objects, their scale; and they become part of an expanded landscape, in which one can travel, moving ever further away and turning into a tiny speck on the horizon – while simultaneously also observing oneself without leaving one's room. In this way, I hope to recreate the sensation of overlapping "incompatible spaces" – which is familiar to us from virtual technology – using simple, "non-technological" means. This method enables me to combine the ancient with the modern and act magically, rather than rationally, as in a video game.


Reality is also the space of memory, which takes us back to our childhood – when we used to be free of the banal, limiting experience; when imagination and the feeling of surprise evoked by objects formed the basis of our perception. In childhood, everything is "as if": the picture on the blanket cover comes alive; the bedsheet flows down like a waterfall; the pillows turn into a snowy mountain; the spiral of an electric cable becomes the reflection of the sun in water. These transformations presuppose a certain duality in the world of things, which exists simultaneously on the mundane, everyday level – and on a playful, fanciful level, which corresponds to the structure of a fairy tale.


I build my installation spaces out of separate fragments, like a mosaic. With these minimalist means, I attempt to achieve recognition, set up a new situation, and create a poetic metaphor.




Solo Exhibitions

2017  Cover, Solo Exhibition, Artists’ House, Jerusalem; Curator: Hagai Segev

2016  The Handwriting of Branches, Solo Exhibition, Gallery of The David Yellin Academic College of Education, Jerusalem; Curator: Nava T. Barazani

2015  The Earthy Sky 2, Solo Exhibition, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem; Curator: Lena Zaidel

2013  The Earthy Sky, Solo Exhibition, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem; Curator: Lena Zaidel


Group Exhibitions

2018  The Number and The Digit, RSUH Museum Center, Moscow, Curator: Nataliya Kamenetskaya

2018  Artist Book, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curator: Shoshi Averbuch

2018  Hmmmmmmmmm, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Rotem Ritov

2017  In Sequence, Benyamini Contemporary Center, Tel Aviv, Curator: Maya Parnas

2017  ART NOW - "INTERIOR - EXTERIOR", Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Curator: Shirley Meshulam

2017  Night Cruise, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curator: Shoshi Averbuch

2016  The Sixth Biennale for Drawing in Israel - Traces 6; Curators: Edna Moshenson, Sally Haftel Naveh

2016  Photopoetics 6, Musrara's Galleries; Curators: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen and Alex Rif

2016  International Art Festival, Korea; Curator: Kim Heo-kyung

2016  I am the Poet and She is the World, Municipal Art Gallery, Rishon Lezion; Curators: Efi Gan and Keren Vishoz

2016  Mental Landscape, The New Gallery, Jerusalem; Curator: Dina Yakerson

2015  BEUYS, BEUYS, BEUYS, Meshune Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curator: Liav Mizrachi

2015  Under the Flashlight, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator: Doron Adar

2015  Barbara, Koresh 14 Gallery; Curator: Vered Hadad

2015  Prima, Artists’ House, Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut; Curator: Gabi Yair

2014  The Nation of Drawing, Artists House, Tel Aviv; Curator: Yuval Saar

2012  Hanging, Art in Suspense in Zichron Yaakov; Curators: Tali Bichler and Ravital Silverman-Grun

2010  Deconstructivism: Disassembling and Assembling, Apart.Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curator: Rotem Ritov

2009  Home, Apart.Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curator: Rotem Ritov

2008  Lost and Found, The New Gallery, Jerusalem; Curator: Hedva Shemesh

2008  Drawings for Show, Show Windows, Shatz Street, Jerusalem; Curator: Shoshi Averbach

2006  New Members, Artists’ House, Jerusalem; Curator: Sasha Okun

2003  Heinrich Heine, Beit Ariela Gallery, Tel Aviv

1999  Trees, Nahum Gutman’s Museum, Tel Aviv

1998  Occupational Therapy, Hamumche Gallery, Tel Aviv

1996  Post: Replica, Ami Steinitz Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

1994  An Artist Fosters an Artist, Artists’ House, Jerusalem